“Lucia, la Zelandese”






This blog is about the style of a twenty year old Dutch girl, born in the province Zeeland. The name of this blog refers to my origin, I am a ‘Zealandish’ girl. Give it an Italian or Spanish touch – a Mediterranean touch anyway – and La Zelandese it is. I came up with this name because my name is Italian, but my roots are Zealandish. Nowadays I live and study in Utrecht. I’m doing an academic study: communication and information sciences.

Fashion is just there to honor your style.

Fashion has always intrigued me. But having a personal style is more important to me than only wearing fashionable things. By making the distinction between fashion and style, I think I’ve already said a lot about the intention of this blog. I want you all to know that it’s important to fully be yourself in the world of fashion that is booming of individuals.

I’m just one of those individuals. I like to share my thoughts with other individuals in fashions’ world, but mainly I want to show my style, and enjoy fashion. New things come and go and it’s all up to is what fits and adjusts our various styles. When there is another trend, maybe I will be wearing it, maybe I will not. Fashion is just there to honor your style. And in that way, you do honor the world we call Fashion.

Part of my style lies in my love for art. I like to paint in spare time, as I do like to play the violin. This blog serves as a kind of platform for my paintings.